Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

This past week I went to a book signing by author Thomas Philips here in Penfield, NY. Nice guy. Good chance to discuss writing in general, and Christian fiction in particular. Of course, the entire point of meeting him was to pick his brain about how to break into the world of ‘published author,’ and also hope, of course, that he’d a) give me good tips or b) give my writing a read and tell me whether or not he thought I was ready.

He told me “It’s luck. Getting your work to an agent or editor at the right time, when they are in the right mood to read your submission.”

The upshot of it was this: he agreed to take a look at my first chapter, query, and synopsis. After reading them, he said this:

“Hey Michael–

I read it all. I cannot believe no one has picked it up. Smooth, tight writing. The first chapter is wonderful. Gripping. Compelling. The synopsis seems just fine, and I love the query letter.

My suggestion–just keep submitting.”

I thoroughly appreciate his comments, if only because it confirms my belief that I’m on the right track here.

But he also told me about how he got published through Whitaker House, and suggested I give them a try. Correspondingly (hah! A pun!), I’ve sent them a query with my synopsis and first chapter enclosed in the body of the email. I also dropped his name as the source of encouraging me to write them. Hopefully, this will get my toe in the door–and maybe, just maybe, I can break through to published.

Keep your fingers crossed and heads bowed in prayer for me.

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