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Hey all, the first review of Jefferson’s Road is in. I’ve copied it straight from amazon’s website.

From Linda Yezak (pprmint777)

“The reasons were compelling–reasons he’d thought of himself. Reasons he himself had written in cyberspace for all the world to see. Reasons to kill the president.

But his brother wanted him to go beyond writing about it, beyond talking about it.

His brother wanted him to pull the trigger.

Tension builds throughout this novel as discussion segues into action; suspense mounts from the question always dangling in the forefront of reader’s mind: will he do it?

Michael Scott’s masterfully written novel explores what could be the very real, very private thoughts of angry American citizens . . . and what would happen if those citizens acted on their thoughts.

Chillingly realistic; frightfully feasible.”

That nicely sums it up, IMHO. Thanks, Linda!


My First Sale!

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today I sold the very first copy of the very first book I’ve ever placed on Amazon. Wow. This is a pretty cool feeling, everyone. I don’t know who bought it, or really even what they think about it. I hope they enjoy it and tell their friends.

I also hope very much that we can repeat this experience many, many times over. If we sell even a hundred copies, it’d be a nice chunk o’ change to drop in our account. If we sell as many as I hope, this could be the first drop in a waterfall about to break through the dam of frustration that’s held back my hopes for so long.

Pretty cool feeling. Doing the happy dance. 🙂

So I see there have been seven samples of Jefferson’s Road downloaded from Smashwords. This is a good thing, I think. And my views at youtube have been climbing a bit as well. It’s up to forty right now. I still don’t have any purchases yet, which is just as well, given that I found two errors last night that I had to correct. One had Peter calling the bullets “incendiary rounds” instead of “armor-piercing,” and the second was a simple typo, but one of the kind that totally changes the word, and therefore the meaning of the sentence.

I’ve uploaded the most recent versions to Amazon and Smashwords, but it’s a bit frustrating that I’m still finding things like these after having “fine-tooth combed” the manuscript so many times already. My only consolation is that the previews available on Smashwords won’t get you this far into the story line (I think I allow something like 33%), and since nobody’s purchased it yet, no one has discovered the errors in something they’ve actually paid for. But what it does do is give me an appreciation for the tremendous vetting job that gets done with traditional publishing (and even then you can still find mistakes).

Regardless, I have to move to the next stage of my “marketing” plan, which is to announce the book is available on Smashwords and will be available in Barnes and Noble, Borders, and for the I-phone within a few weeks. Also, I will be letting people know (soon) that I’ve created a fan page for the novel as well.

The goal is just to keep the book in front of people, keep reminding them that it’s out there, in the hopes that someone picks it up and actually reads it. In the meantime, I still don’t have any reviews of either the book or the video, so I may need to start actively soliciting those as well.

In about two week’s I’ll be sending out my mass email letting everyone know the book is available as an e-book, and then we’ll see what happens from there.

Meanwhile, I’m writing chapter eleven of Patriots and Tyrants.

I’m somewhere in the middle of chapter ten of Patriots and Tyrants, the next mile on Jefferson’s Road, but I thought it might be cool to show you what the cover art looks like for when the book is finished. I’ve modified it somewhat from a previous version, to reflect the font changes made to The Spirit of Resistance.

Anyway, let me know what you think.


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So the newest favorite activity at the Scott home is checking to see whether or not any books have sold. After all, it’s been what, forty whole hours since I posted Jefferson’s Road online? We ought to be rolling in dough by now!


I try to explain to people that this takes time. I told the fam, “Give it a month,” only to hear, “What if it doesn’t sell in a month?” I said, “Give it a year, then. This won’t happen overnight, you know.”

I’m truly grateful that I’ve picked up as much exposure as I have to this point. So far, the book trailer has been viewed more than thirty-five times (and I’ve only been responsible for maybe half of them – assuming it does record me every time I log in to see how many have viewed it), and the book has had five samples downloaded from Smashwords – and that’s without me even announcing that it’s available on Smashwords.

And it’s only been 40 hours!

But we live in a microwave culture, and everyone wants what they want yesterday. Personally, I’d rather it take some time and build correctly. There are marketing steps I won’t even take until next week (like announcing the book is available on Smashwords… okay, maybe here, but not on Facebook.) and the week after (like announcing there’s a fan page on Facebook. Okay, maybe here, but not on Facebook! Not yet, anyway). The goal is to keep putting this novel in front of people every little bit at a time and pray that a few bits stick together until a snowball forms, until an avalanche starts. But it takes time, people!

Soon. Everything will come together when it’s supposed to. In the meantime, I have a second book to write. I only have nine chapters done, and I’m expecting at least fifty for this one.

And it’s in! Here is the link to Jefferson’s Road: The Spirit of Resistance on the Amazon Kindle!

Now all I have to do is let others know how to find it, and create a few more avenues on how to get it.

Jefferson’s Road Is Live

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

And just like that… the book is live and available on Of course, no one can find it yet. I think it might take another day before the search function works.

Just to give you an update, I’ve checked the status on Amazon, and Jefferson’s Road is now in “Publishing” status, which means they’re converting it from a Word doc into the Kindle format. It’ll take a couple of days (assuming there are no hiccups, which from reading the forum posts, there often are), and then the book will be available for purchase. I’ve only listed it at $3.99.

Once this is done, I’ll upload the video trailer to Youtube, announce it on my Facebook page, and create a fan page.

I will also be setting up a couple of other locations in which to purchase the book for those who don’t have Kindle.

A Day at The Theme Park

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Whining

So today the whole family is going to Darien Lake for a day of fun and frivolity amidst the rides and water slides. Meanwhile, we’re praying against rain because we don’t want to get… wet.

Have I mentioned that I hate theme parks? I mean, like, passionately? I’ve explained this to the fam, and they’ve threatened to leave me home (probably appropriately), but I’d rather go and paste on a smile than face the wrath of having missed out on a day for the kids. They want me to go and they want me to like it. Whether I like it or not.

So I’m going. I’m missing out on my writers’ group tonight as well, which is a double-whammy. It gets frustrating, because until I can show an income from this writing, I cannot legitimately justify (to them) the time needed to develop these stories.

So hopefully, Amazon will approve my Kindle book and I can start selling it and earning some bucks from it.

This isn’t so I can escape from the kids. Honest. I just don’t like being made to feel guilty for doing something that I love, something that I believe will make life better for all of us once I make it.

At least I can pack a notebook and pen…

Yes, I’ve gone and bit the bullet. I’ve submitted Jefferson’s Road: The Spirit of Resistance to as an e-book for their Kindle reader.

Really hoping I haven’t just stepped in a big ole’ pile of poo.

Anyway, I will keep this blog posted on what happens–if anything–with the book. Assuming Amazon approves it for their store (it’s that whole “Is this guy recommending sedition?” thing that’s got me a bit nervous, truth be told), then I’ll announce it on Facebook, create a fan page there, and upload the (slightly revised) video below to youtube and any other video site I can think of. I’ll also be announcing the book on the Tea Party website I joined a while back, as well as anywhere else I can think of.

I’m sure a mass e-mail wouldn’t be too inappropriate, either. Yeah, it’s SPAM, but it’s my address book. Just saying.

For anyone curious why I’d do something like this, check out the following links. You’ll see what I mean.

Thanks for listening.