A Day at The Theme Park

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Whining

So today the whole family is going to Darien Lake for a day of fun and frivolity amidst the rides and water slides. Meanwhile, we’re praying against rain because we don’t want to get… wet.

Have I mentioned that I hate theme parks? I mean, like, passionately? I’ve explained this to the fam, and they’ve threatened to leave me home (probably appropriately), but I’d rather go and paste on a smile than face the wrath of having missed out on a day for the kids. They want me to go and they want me to like it. Whether I like it or not.

So I’m going. I’m missing out on my writers’ group tonight as well, which is a double-whammy. It gets frustrating, because until I can show an income from this writing, I cannot legitimately justify (to them) the time needed to develop these stories.

So hopefully, Amazon will approve my Kindle book and I can start selling it and earning some bucks from it.

This isn’t so I can escape from the kids. Honest. I just don’t like being made to feel guilty for doing something that I love, something that I believe will make life better for all of us once I make it.

At least I can pack a notebook and pen…

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