Posted: July 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

So the newest favorite activity at the Scott home is checking to see whether or not any books have sold. After all, it’s been what, forty whole hours since I posted Jefferson’s Road online? We ought to be rolling in dough by now!


I try to explain to people that this takes time. I told the fam, “Give it a month,” only to hear, “What if it doesn’t sell in a month?” I said, “Give it a year, then. This won’t happen overnight, you know.”

I’m truly grateful that I’ve picked up as much exposure as I have to this point. So far, the book trailer has been viewed more than thirty-five times (and I’ve only been responsible for maybe half of them – assuming it does record me every time I log in to see how many have viewed it), and the book has had five samples downloaded from Smashwords – and that’s without me even announcing that it’s available on Smashwords.

And it’s only been 40 hours!

But we live in a microwave culture, and everyone wants what they want yesterday. Personally, I’d rather it take some time and build correctly. There are marketing steps I won’t even take until next week (like announcing the book is available on Smashwords… okay, maybe here, but not on Facebook.) and the week after (like announcing there’s a fan page on Facebook. Okay, maybe here, but not on Facebook! Not yet, anyway). The goal is to keep putting this novel in front of people every little bit at a time and pray that a few bits stick together until a snowball forms, until an avalanche starts. But it takes time, people!

Soon. Everything will come together when it’s supposed to. In the meantime, I have a second book to write. I only have nine chapters done, and I’m expecting at least fifty for this one.


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