I’m sure to catch a little flack for this, but I’ve been waiting for some time to release Patriots and Tyrants on Amazon and Smashwords. Today, I pulled the trigger. Not really sure why I get this way every time I release a book on my own. There’s always a sense of dread – wondering whether or not it’s really done, really as good as it could be. This despite hours and hours pouring over it, nit-picking tiny details (like whether or not to include periods in the initials for the FBI, or whether to capitalize AM and PM), and rewriting sections that weren’t working quite as well as they should. I think, however, there comes a time when you just have to bite the bullet and say “It is enough.” I’ve done due diligence to get it right, and now I have to put it out there. It wouldn’t be the first time a typo has snuck into a story, and even those with a full staff of paid professional editors still find errors in their products. The advantage of being an indie author is that I can make the changes when they’re brought to my attention. Nevertheless, the e-book version of Patriots and Tyrants will be available on Amazon in the next day, and via Smashwords to a whole lot of other sites in about a week or so. I haven’t planned on releasing it in hardcover right away, though I may do it sooner now that I understand the process a little better. Regardless, I’m lowering the price on The Spirit of Resistance to .99 for the next month, so those who haven’t bought it yet can take advantage of the discount. This should be available by tomorrow as well. I will, naturally, post a link and a general announcement once the book is available for download. In the meantime, I’ve crossed 45,000 words on Eye of Darkness, and the other day I finally figured out what happens to bring this story to its conclusion (though it requires a little refining to get it just right). I believe this will put me on target to releasing it by the end of the month.

UPDATE: Looks like Patriots and Tyrants is now available through Smashwords, if anyone wants to get an early version. You can download it here:

Jefferson’s Road: Patriots and Tyrants


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