Posted: August 1, 2011 in Jefferson's Road, The Writing Life

Well, I don’t have the final sales tally for Smashwords just yet, but overall it looks like my sales tanked in July. At least, as far as Amazon goes, they did. I could be wrong (given that I show Nothing selling through Smashwords’ various distributors), but that’s where it stands right now. Call it the summer slump. Speaking of slump, I had real trouble summoning up even the interest in writing last night on my overnight. Could be that I’m just tired (that first night is a killer), or it may be that I need a vacation, but I’ve noticed this a little bit more lately. I’m hoping it isn’t burn-out. Maybe I just need to refill the barrel by reading more, but the library hasn’t had anything of interest to me in a while. My friend Greg C. just sent me a note inviting us over this week. Gotta talk to the boss first, but I think we can do it. He also sent me this:

RE: your signature … stop writing other books! You have to finish the Jefferson Road series! 😉
:p – No worries, Greg! It’s getting written!  But I’m determined not to rush this one. I’ve no plans to finish it before next Spring as it is, and I want to be sure I get the story right. I don’t know what that says about my other books (naturally, I want to get them right as well). Maybe because it’s a six book series I feel more invested in it. Or maybe because I feel that this series, more than anything else I write, is more prophetic. I dunno. It’s just different with Jefferson’s Road. I’m not writing it for fun, y’know? I mean to say something with it. Something important.
Anyway, guess I’ll get back to work now.

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