Posted: August 14, 2011 in Jonathan Munro Adventures, The Writing Life

As my friend Linda has pointed out, it’s now about mid August. The good news is that I did indeed finish The Elixir of Life, but I found that my word count is a little low. I’m going through the thin chapters right now and seeing what I can beef up. It’s allowing me to add a little more color and background to the story, I think, without slowing down the action any. We’ll see, I suppose. But that’s where things stand.

Of course, I’ve already broken my rule a bit by taking a look at a novel I started two years ago called Rock of Ages. It’s about an attempt to spark a new war in Israel by destroying the Al Aqsa mosque – also known as the Dome of the Rock. I like the story because it’s letting me tell the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from both sides- which is really fascinating – seeing the history involved in the conflict. I’ve got about 12K words done on it already. No worries, though. I didn’t actually start working on it again. Just looked at it is all. Something this morning was just prompting me to give it a second look. I may put it in the hopper as the next novel to send Ellechor’s way, after Elixir, if only because it is a Christian action-adventure novel.

But as of right now, it’ll have to take a number. I’ll wrap up Elixir probably by the end of next week, all things being equal, and then I can tear into Eye of Darkness again and try to finish it by the end of September. Or better.

So many stories. So little time.

On a positive note, I did hear from Rochelle Carter the other day. They’ve begun working on my cover design (Doing the happy dance – I’m so excited!) I have to send them any images that sort of depict what I’m looking for. I had a few I saw at one time, but I have to try and find them again.

And my sales in August, though rather slumped compared to June, have picked up a little bit, so that’s a relief. I was beginning to think the economy tanking had taken all the wind outta my sales. But I reckon it’s just the summer doldrums.  Once Eye is finished and released, we should see a healthy uptick again.

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