Yikes! Is it September already? I’ve been busy making Facebook pages to promote my books, as well as releasing Patriots and Tyrants in paperback, and I’ve found the time to do some editing for my nephew and some cover assistance for my friend Linda… I just haven’t found the time yet to write!

I don’t think I’ve been avoiding it, but maybe that’s not true. Time will tell.

Regardless, I’ve made a little more progress on Eye of Darkness, getting a whole lot closer to being done, and I’m eager to wrap it up and get started on the next project on my plate.

The Coppersmith continues to be my newest “runaway” best seller (for me, at least). I’ve sold almost as many copies of my psychothriller as I have of my political thrillers, and in far less time. Maybe it’s the price point, maybe it’s that the subject matter is less controversial, and therefore less frightening.

Apple I-tunes is where I’m selling it most. I sold 35 copies in June and 23 in July. I don’t have figures for August yet, but it’s crazy that it’s doing so well over there. Weird. I’m sure the fact that I share the same first and last name as another major author isn’t hurting me any at all. I know for a fact his name is just a pen name (Michael Scot was the name of a Scottish “wizard”), whereas my name is the real deal. Besides, I had it first. I’m sure people will figure it out eventually. Hopefully, by that time I’ll have established my own credentials as a writer.

Oops. It’s time to go to work now. Gotta run!

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