Well, here it is October already, and I haven’t gotten nearly as far on Eye of Darkness as I’ve wanted to. I neglected to calculate in the time I’d be spending writing lessons for our home school co-op classes, but the real reason is that I haven’t come up with an ending.

Until now.

Sometime early this morning, in that marvelously creative “dream state,” I stumbled upon the sufficient twist which will solve the mystery and reveal everything–as well as how to bring it all to a successful conclusion and tie it up with a bow. As it stands, I’m probably at least 10 and 12K words away from that moment. Maybe more. Regardless, I know now that I can finish the book. Usually, when I start a novel, I have a much clearer sense of how it ends than this, and that may be why I got stuck. Oh well. At least now I’ll be able to concentrate on writing toward the finish line.

Speaking of finishing, I received the first draft of the cover for The Lost Scrolls from my publisher today. They’re pretty close to what I was thinking when I pictured it, with a few changes here and there. I expect I’ll be able to show you the cover soon (but not until it’s ready and I get the “okay” to do so.).

We haven’t started editing the text yet, but I think that will be happening shortly. I’m so looking forward to seeing this book out there!

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