Posted: November 22, 2011 in The Writing Life

Well, that was productive. I managed to kick out a little better than 3K words on my overnight this morning. Would’ve been more, but I had to catch up on Terra Nova, and, of course, there’s this whole work thing I had to do (anybody who works for Heritage: please, don’t take this seriously!). Still, I was wa-ay behind as of this morning when I climbed into the van with the family, sans sleep, and headed off to Massachusetts.

After letting the kids watch the first DVD of The Lord of the Rings (again) and taking a little snoozage myself, I took advantage of the ride (I don’t usually get to be a passenger on these trips!) and cranked open the laptop. Downside is that my power cord likes to quit on me at random, and my laptop battery is totally fried – so I have to endure the darn thing crashing from time to time. But the upside is that I killed my word count, and now I’m only scant words away from being totally caught up. 36,114 out of 36,666 needed for the day. Of course, tomorrow is another story, but we’ll see how it goes.

Right now, though, it’s dinner time, and I gotta run.

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