They say third time is the charm, and it certainly has been for me. As of four o’clock yesterday afternoon, I surpassed fifty thousand words in only twenty-nine days. The story isn’t done just yet – I’m still writing – which is why I haven’t “validated” my win just yet. I want to get more of the story told before hitting the button. But as far as word count is concerned: I’ve now broken all my previous land-speed records.

As of right now, I have 50,824 words written on “Spilled Milk,” a thriller about a man taking on his city with bombs and guns in a frantic bid to get his children released from Child Protective Services. They seized his kids because he insisted on giving them raw milk (his son has an unnamed food allergy), and when FDA agents seized his supply, he fought back with a gun. As a result, the kids were taken out of his home and now he’s trying to get them back. His journey leads him down dark paths where he grows to recognize that just as a man makes choices, so too do his choices make the man.

I don’t know how long the book will be, but I promise it’ll be released once it’s finished and edited. I expect I’ll step aside from it to wrap up Eye of Darkness in December. And, of course, I still have to finish The Tree of Liberty and Topheth (my latest Janelle Becker book). I hope to have all four books for sale before the end of summer, 2012.

Got to get back to work, now!

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