Posted: January 9, 2012 in Eye of Darkness, Jefferson's Road, The Writing Life

Well, here it is the second week of January, and I’m still writing Eye of Darkness. The book is a little longer than I’d first anticipated – which is fine, given that, according to Mark Coker’s recent comments on Smashwords, readers prefer longer works. But it is putting me behind the eight ball when it comes to cranking down on The Tree of Liberty.

On a side note, my sister contacted me the other day to let me know that none of my books are coming up correctly on Barnes and Noble’s website. I blame my parents. Who knew that Michael Scott or even Michael J. Scott would be such a common name? I’m routinely confused for the Irish author, Michael Scott (no middle initial), and Barnes and Noble seems to think I’ve authored a bunch of text books of some kind or another as well. Episodically, I still get people asking me, “Do you watch The Office?” with a silly grin. Yeah, I’ve never heard that one before.

I seriously did consider writing my books under a pseudonym, or some variation of my name, to make them stand out. In the end, I chose to keep the name Mom and Dad gave me. Now my son, David? He’s got a great author name: D.H. Scott. Just kinda rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it? The kid’s been working like mad on his novel Riverton, which, given that he’s only 13, is actually turning out pretty darn good. Of course, he’s got a 220 pound gorilla in his corner pushing him to stick with it. I’ve read and line edited most of it for him, trying to help him succeed in this (and no, I’m absolutely not doing it for him. Boy, would that be self-defeating). I hope and pray he’s able to finish it. Just to finish a novel for a 13 year old is pretty darn impressive. Not only that, but the story itself is, like I said, pretty darn good so far. I think, once he finishes it, and we clean it up (’cause everyone needs editing), he might actually have something worth publishing. Then again, I’m probably biased.

At any rate, I have contacted Barnes and Noble – again – in an attempt to get this rectified. Never heard back the first two times, so I CC’ed Michael Scott of Ireland’s contact person as well. We’ll see, I suppose. I don’t know why Barnes and Noble just doesn’t set up an Author Page like Amazon does with their Author Central. Wouldn’t be that hard to clean stuff up that way.

Okay, I’m starting to grumble. Mondays are like that. Time to walk away and eat some lunch.

  1. I’m the other Michael Scott (the Irish one), so I know exactly what you’re talking about. Often you’ll find a book called The Cruise of the Midge added to my publications. Only problem is The Cruise was first published in 1834. Now I know I’m old…

    Bet wishes,


    • MJ Scott says:

      Hey Michael! Good to hear from you. So sorry about all the confusion (I totally blame my parents… and Barnes and Noble, of course). Sounds like the price we pay for carrying the name of that late 12th century “wizard.”

      I confess to wondering if we’re not distant cousins. My forefathers emigrated from Ireland in the late 18th century (William Scott came to America in 1786, and settled in one of the Carolinas).

      At any rate, my thanks to you and your associate for helping clear this up!

      Kind regards,

      The American Michael Scott

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