So I’ve had to take a break from writing for a little while. I could feel myself just really burning out, trying to crank out that many words with no real break. I’ve found that it’s helpful, every now and again, to read some fiction when I get like this. It’s kinda like refilling the tank. This week I’ve been enjoying Raymond Feist’s Flight of the Nighthawks. I haven’t picked up fantasy in awhile, so it’s been quite a treat to revisit one of my favorite authors. Given that I’ve been writing one of my own, it seemed a wise choice.

And I think it’s already paid off. I realized what’s been hanging me up about Eye. It had to do with how I was characterizing the fey in the book. I didn’t like it. Now, I’ve got a better plan that’ll require a little rewriting, but I think it’ll make the story stronger overall.

In the meantime I queried my editor about the next Jonathan Munro Adventure, and I got this as a response:

Please do send your manuscript! We give our authors preference for immediate reviews and feedback. Plus, we are working on the 2013 lineup.

So, with that in mind, I’ve been busily incorporating the edits my good friend Linda sent my way awhile back, and I hope to be sending on the manuscript in a week or so. But now, I’ve got to take the kids to their scouting meetings.

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