Posted: February 9, 2012 in The Writing Life

Just spent a few minutes over at Joe Konrath’s blog – something I recommend any indie author do now and again (if not daily). Good way to get a solid kick in the backside and remember that success in writing is a ten year plan, not a two year or six month plan.  Konrath succeeds because he writes good books. A lot of them. And he independently sells them on Amazon and elsewhere. And he’s built up a solid fan base over several years by consistently providing good content.

At any rate, he put to rest the notion that e-books are a “bubble,” like some talking heads in Europe and elsewhere have been predicting, or that the market is anywhere near “saturated.” He made a great point: that he’d have to sell something like 10,000 books a day, and it would still take him the rest of his life to saturate the market. Oh, and he said this almost a year ago, and Amazon has sold over 6 million more kindles since then. That doesn’t take into account all the other e-readers out there.

Bottom line: I have to keep writing and releasing more books. Keep up the quality. Keep writing the stuff that people are buying (and it’s been a little hit and miss so far), and keep going.

Now that I’m refreshed from reading a little Feist, I think I can finally put Eye of Darkness to bed and get on with some more novels.

  1. chautona says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’m off to read more. I agree with you. The number one thing we need to do is produce quality work. From the first word on the first page to the last, the formatting, the cover, and even how we market needs to scream, “This is a professional product.”

    • MJ Scott says:

      Yep. And “success” is developed when we “mass-produce” quality work. I’m convinced the recipe is quite simple: Write a lot of quality books and sell them all several times. I don’t see much else aside from rare “best seller” exceptions to that rule.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you as one of my winners of the Lieber Award for blogs under 200 followers. This is both for your blog and your writing and hopes to pump up your following.

    I will be posting this tomorrow on my blog at where you can pick up your badge.

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