In The Widening Gyre, Chapter 13

Posted: April 27, 2012 in In The Widening Gyre

The thirteenth is up. This chapter starts the second part of the book. The first is called “Turning and Turning,” and the second is “The Falcon.” I won’t tell you yet what the third is called, but if you’re familiar with the poem, you can probably figure it out.

Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Bushnell’s Basin, waiting for my eldest daughter to wrap up her co-op program before I truck the three of them over to an art class across town. My youngest is reading chapter 12 on my son’s laptop, and she thinks the hand is too over the top.

She  thinks an eyeball would be better.

Go figure.

At any rate, I’ll think about it (no, not about putting the eyeball in there). I don’t want this to be too heavy for the readers, and I’m more than capable of getting graphic (anyone out there read The Coppersmith yet?), so maybe that’s too much.

Gotta go right now. Here’s the link to the next chapter.

Chapter 13

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