Jefferson’s Road

Jefferson’s Road is a dystopic vision of the future of America. Set sometime in the near future, it chiefly concerns the break out of widespread civil unrest in the United States due to the instability of our social systems and the refusal of government to relinquish centralized control.

Jefferson’s Road is premised on two observations. a) The current structure of American government is vastly greater than its constitutionally proscribed limits, resulting in a breach of the social compact between the government and the people who empower and fund it. b) This massive intrusion of government into the private sphere is the direct result, among others, of cultural Marxism – the influence of members of the Frankfurt School, known as the Institute for Social Research founded at the University of Frankfurt in 1923 by Felix J. Weil, Carl Grünberg, Max Horkheimer, and Friedrich Pollock.

The story begins in The Spirit of Resistance with Peter Baird arguing with his brother Martin, a Marine wounded outside of Tikrit, about whether or not they should take action against the government. Martin is determined to do something, and Peter attempts to reason him out of it…

The next titles in the series are Patriots and Tyrants, The Tree of Liberty, God and Country, A More Perfect Union, and We the People. Each of the stories is sequential, following immediately on the heels of its predecessor. Therefore, I invite you to read them that way. SPOILER ALERT if you choose to look ahead…

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