Reviews of Patriots and Tyrants

I found this recent 5-star review on from S. Blodgett (and thank you for the kind words, sir!)

Before I begin let me just say that its very hard to review a book like this without getting into the politics of it, especially considering the subject matter. This isn’t a plot one comes across everyday and it frankly requires some discussion.

I read both books that are available in this series in 2
sittings, I simply couldn’t put them down. I’m not usually one for thrillers but alternate (future) history always appeals to me. Being relatively politically aware led me to see the many nightmarish parallels between this story and our own current political situation. In an age where something like the NDAA, SOPA, domestic use of spy drones, Patriot Act etc, can exist it isn’t a far stretch for me to see events like those depicted in the novel play out in reality.

Mr. Scott writes from a very patriotic point of view. True patriotism, not just vapid flag waving and mindlessly mumbling the Pledge of
Allegiance-style patriotism but nuts and bolts constitutionalism. It’s
unfortunate that many these days would probably try to portray this novel as pornography for gun nuts and right-wingers and ignore the truth of it when in actuality it’s nothing more than a love letter to freedom and the Constitution. And if you hate those things you’re probably who Peter and the organization are standing up to :p. I’m a very socially liberal ‘live and let live as long as you don’t harm me’ Libertarian and while I may have some very minor quibbles with
one or two of the political points in here, the core message should resonate with anyone who loves this country and who sees our bought with blood freedoms disappearing on a daily basis.

The book is very well written and kudos to whomever edited it, this is one of the best edited Kindle books I’ve come across, not an error to be found. It’s breathtakingly compelling, exciting and thought provoking. I read until my eyes were swimming in my head, I simply couldn’t wait to see what happens next.

I do however have one gripe:the indecisiveness of Peter, the main character. One second he’s unwilling to follow orders and ready to drop a dime on the entire organization, the next he’s eagerly tossing grenades like a pitcher in a little league game. I’m hoping to see a little more commitment and certainty from Peter (either way) in the next
book. I understand some soul searching but at a certain point its like ‘dude, you’re firing machine guns at government helicopters. I think you’re basically okay with whats going on’. Its not annoying but I did shake my head a time or two. However that doesn’t stop me from eagerly awaiting book 3 of the series.

If you like thrillers, lots of action, 2nd American Revolution scenarios, or are just concerned about the direction this country is going in, definitely check this series out.

So yeah, I’m grinning from ear to ear (and yeah, I edit my own works, too (pats self on back)).  Please keep the reviews coming!

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