The Spirit of Resistance

The Spirit of Resistance is the first mile in the Jefferson’s Road Saga. It follows the path of Peter Baird as he wrestles with his brother Martin’s scheme to assassinate the President.

“Revolution,” says Martin. “We need one. Our entire country’s been taken over by a bunch of Marxists and Socialists. Our own government has turned against us. It’s a bureaucracy now, bloated and ineffective for anything except stifling freedom and oppressing people.”

So begins the conspiracy as Martin gathers his group and trains them to shoot.

The Plan: assassinate the President on Inauguration Day.

The Objective: provoke the government into a massive overreach of federal power, thus sparking an armed resistance from the American people.

The Goal: take down the federal and state bureaucracies, remove the socialists and political elites from power, and return the United States to a simple, Constitutional republic.

It’s insane, suicide to even try. Despite Peter’s objections, Martin steamrolls ahead, dragging Peter along with him. Can Peter stop his brother’s madness before it’s too late, or will he himself pull the trigger?

Jefferson’s Road is printed through Create Space here, and as an e-book through Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobobooks.

  1. Donna Braunling says:

    when your Uncle Jay told me you had written a book I was skeptical, but ordered it anyway…it is well written and hard to put down…I’m a fan!…will Patriots and Tyrants be coming out in book form?…I don’t have a reader and just like having a book in my hands…a friend read it and she too is anxioius for the sequel…thanks for the new addiction!

    • MJ Scott says:

      Hi Donna,

      So glad you liked it!

      Yes, Patriots and Tyrants will be coming out in book form later this year, probably around November. I’m staggering the release of the books as much as possible, so that there isn’t a huge lag between the release of one and the release of the next.

      The third installment, The Tree of Liberty, is in production right now. I’ve got about 10k words or so done on it. I think you’ll like this one as well.

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