All About the M107

This is the sniper rifle Martin purchases for use in the operation. If you check out the videos below from the Discovery Channel, you’ll witness the power of this destructive firearm.

  1. This clown claims to be ex-special forces? Since when is the 308 the standard chambering for the AK ? And yes I am aware of the similarities of the 7.62×39,x51,and x54

    • MJ Scott says:

      I honestly cannot speak to the “clown’s” background or training. To me, it is irrelevant. The point of the video, and of showing it here, is to demonstrate the power and functionality of the M107, which is why I chose this particular clip. Frankly, I couldn’t give a hoot about the guy. It’s about the gun! The gun! The gun!

      But thanks for the tidbit about the .308 and the AK. I’m sure it’ll come up as an important detail in the books somewhere

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