Jonathan Munro Adventures

These stories follow the escapades of Jonathan Munro, a reluctant hero swept up into archaeological adventures–usually at the hand of his beguiling ex-fiance, Isabel Kaufman.

Dr. Munro is a paleographer (a professor of ancient writings) at the University of Michigan who’d rather stay in his office and study dusty tomes, but his commitment to Christ and his willingness to help those in need puts him into a world of danger were thieves, assassins, mercenaries, and unscrupulous collectors vie to obtain priceless treasures of antiquity.

His first adventure, The Lost Scrolls is due to be published in June, 2012 by Ellechor Publishing House. His second adventure,  The Elixir of Life is in production, and is expected to come out in 2013. Planned future titles include The Music of the Spheres The Enoch Prophecy, and Azazel Rising.


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