The Elixir of Life

Jonathan Munro returns in this high-stakes adventure across Europe. It begins with the abduction of a Holocaust survivor from a New York City mission, but soon escalates as Dr. Munro and his colleague, Dr. Harry Bryce, an expert in the Middle Ages, are also abducted. Jon soon finds himself teamed with his ex-fiance and artifact thief Isabel Kaufman and her new partner: the Irish mercenary Sean MacNeil. Together they work to rescue Harry from an ancient order of alchemists bent on finding a mythical substance thought to cure any disease and prolong life indefinitely. Can they find Harry in time, or will he be sacrificed to the ambitions of men who would live forever?

The Elixir of Life is the second Jonathan Munro Adventure, and is currently being edited. There is as yet no formal publication date, but expect it in 2013.

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