In the Widening Gyre

In the Widening Gyre is the first installment of the New World Order series. It tells the story of Katherine Holt, a refugee from the Lower Quarter of Incorporated Municipality Number 27, FEMA Region II. She lives in a state of desperate poverty, foraging for food with her disabled sister, Rebecca, and hiding from the teams of Sweepers who roam the Lower Quarter, which is supposed to be evacuated due to plague.

But Katherine and her sister hide a secret–one that REGA, the controlling, authoritarian governmental bureaucracy in her sector, would do anything to get their hands on: she and her sister are immune to the virus.

When they are picked up by a Sweeper team and taken to the Hut – a prison-like processing center for the indigent, events begin to spiral rapidly out of control as REGA becomes aware of their secret, and Katherine engineers her own escape.

Can Katherine rescue her sister from the clutches of REGA before they use Rebecca for their own ends, or is she falling into a clever trap laid specifically for her? And what dark secret has her adopted Mother been hiding for the past twenty years?

New Chapters will be posted as they are written. I look forward to your comments as the story progresses. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section of each relevant page.

And, of course, if you like the story, pass it on to others. Enjoy!

  1. Dad says:

    Please sir, I want more. – Oliver Twist

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